Vol. 39 (2018)
Aleksandre Kazbegi – 170

Alexandre Kazbegi – Admirer of the Stage

Published 2018-12-20


  • Alexandre Kazbegi,
  • Georgian Theater,
  • Jeune Premier

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Alexandre Kazbegi was an artist with a tragic destiny and was active in all directions. Unfortunately, wherever he would go he was followed by poverty, beggary and hardship. Even the Georgian theatre was not loyal to him and his activities were extremely contradictory also here.

Alexandre Kazbegi’s playing on Georgian stage was related with a specific role called Jeune
premier – theatrical role of the first lover who was obliged to perform roles of young seducers. It’s quite natural that Jeune premier should had special scenic look, moreover refined style and rare charisma. The press was too generous to Alexandre Kazbegi in this regard.

There is also written about Choreographic talent of kazbegi having stunningly movements while dancing with daggers. Furthermore, he was playing on piano, pipe, reading poems from the stage, arguing with theatre critics, was writing poems himself and discussing national mission of the theatre. Alexander Kazbegi was deeply involved in theatre life in the 80s of the 19th century. He considered theatre as a national activity and sacred temple.