Vol. 40 (2019)
Issues of Literary Theory

Geronti Kikodze – Researcher of Georgian Literature

Published 2020-10-20


  • Geronti Kikodze,
  • The History of Georgian Literature,
  • The Georgian Literary Canon

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It is mentioned that the first course in the history of Georgian literature of the XIX century was written by Kita Abashidze. In the 20th century, the methodology of a systematic study of the history of literature and the creative discourse of classics was developed by Geronti Kikodze, whose scholarly works are of conceptual value for the study of Georgian writing of different epochs and canonization of authors. The scholar devoted several studies to Shota Rustaveli and his immortal poem. In a work entitled “The Wisdom of Balavari (old and new remarks)”, he studied the Georgian literary monument of world significance. Kikodze’s work “SulkhanSaba Orbeliani’s The Book of the Wisdom and Lies” reflects the most important moments of the biography or creative discourse of a classic. He characterizes The Book of the Wisdom and Lies as a masterpiece of Georgian literary prose. In his work “David Guramishvili”, Geronti Kikodze refers to the poet as “the most fundamental figure” in the history of Georgian literature and his Davitiani as the “source of historical knowledge” of his epoch. In his work “Ioane Batonishvili”, Kikodze deals with the biographies of the sons of Erekle II - David and Ioane Batonishvili and the aspects of their creative activity. Among the ideologists of the next generation Kikodze distinguishes Aleksandre Orbeliani, and in the work “The Generation of Romanticists” the common signs of Georgian romanticism are characterized. The scholar dedicates his fundamental analytical letters to Aleksandre Chavchavadze, Grigol Orbeliani, Nikoloz Baratashvili, Vakhtang Orbeliani. 

Geronti Kikodze researched the most important trends of 19th-century Georgian realistic literature. His works reflect the main features of Giorgi Eristavi’s, Ilia Chavchavadze’s, Akaki Tsereteli’s, Giorgi Tsereteli’s biography, their literary merits and innovativeness. The scholar also analyzed the creative legacy of Ivan Machabeli, Niko Nikoladze, Sergi Meskhi, and provided insight into the literary phenomenon of Aleksandre Kazbegi, Vazha-Pshavela, Egnate Ninoshvili. Among 20th-century prose-writers, Geronti Kikodze manifested the personal traits and creative endeavors of David Kldiashvili, Vasil Barnovi, Nino Nakashidze, Shalva Dadiani, Paolo Iashvili, Giorgi Kuchishvili, Leo Kiacheli, Sandro Shanshiashvili, Giorgi Leonidze, Demna Shengelaia. The study of Geronti Kikodze’s scholarly and publicist heritage confirms that he contributed much to the canonization of the classics of different periods and their main literary texts that raised the Georgian literary canon to a new height. In addition to this, the erudite critic devoted his best works to the masterpieces of the world literature and their authors, which firmly established them in our intellectual space.