Editorial Team


Editor: Maka Elbakidze


Editor supervises the editorial policy of the journal; Supervises the editorial board of the journal; Divides functions between the members of the editorial board and other staff of the review; Appoints the reviewers for each article; Represents the journal in the relations with the third parties.


Editorial Board:

Ivane Amirkhanashvili

Amiran Arabuli

Tamaz Vasadze

Mariam Karbelashvili

Nona Kupreishvili

Tamar Lomidze


Editorial Board defines academic standard of the articles and criteria of selecting the articles; defines the editorial policy of the journal; gives approval for the publication of the articles in the review.


Editorial Council:

Koolemans Beynen (Temple University, USA)

Manana Kvachantiradze (Georgia)

Helen Cooper (Cambridge, UK)

Gaga Lomidze (Georgia)

Firuza Melville (Cambridge, UK)

Irma Ratiani (Chairman, Georgia)

Gaga Shurgaia (Rome, Italy)

Rusudan Cholokashvili (Georgia)

Rostom Chkheidze (Georgia)

Elguja Khintibidze (Georgia)


The members of the editorial Council are entitled to get acquainted with the thematic of the issue or the articles selected for publishing, provide their visions, comments and recommendations which are handed to the Editor and/or the author.