Vol. 39 (2018): Literary Researches
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Mirian Abuladze – a Writer With a Peculiar Biography

Published 2018-12-20


  • Mirian Abuladze,
  • Political Repressions,
  • April Voices,
  • Scholarly Articles

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The peculiarity of Mirian Abuladze’s biography, one of the representatives of the generation of the sixties of the twentieth century, the poet and scholar lies primarily in the fact that he was the victim of repressions carried out against him. In 1947, he was arrested on a denunciation for the poem containing anti-Soviet sentiment. Only in 1956, he managed to return to his hometown. To M. Abuladze’s credit it must be said that the years spent in imprisonment did not break his spirit. The evidence of this is his collection of poems “April Voices” (1959) and scholarly research performed at the highest professional level: “Titian Tabidze’s Poetry” (1981), “Konstantin Gamsakhurdia” (1971) and “From the history of literary trends in twentieth-century Georgian literature” (1971).

These works performed at a highly professional level, and especially the study of literary trends, remain relevant to this day.